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well painted passion, you hardly regret

you're still not famous, and you haven't struck it rich

6 October
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anthropology, anti-iraq-war rallies, authenticity, backpacking in spain, bart and muni, beatniks, cable car rides, cafe bean, cafe claude, caffe greco, caffe trieste, castilian spanish, chinatown dim sum, clam chowder breadbowls, cosmopolitans, culture, dancing, diego rivera, dining out, diversity, downtown alleys, drawing, dreaming in union square, early morning, elegance, fashion, ferrys to marin, film noir, flamenco, fog, foreign movies, frida kahlo, gazing at the stars, gelato, glamour, going to the cinema, golden gate park, grace cathedral, green tea ice cream, herb caen, hot tea, huntington/dolores/washington square parks, joan miro, journalism, lake merritt at night, language, madrid, mission district murals, my apartment, mystery novels (dashell hammett), old antique-smelling bookstores, old movie theatres, organic foods, pablo neruda, people singing, picnics under the trees, pier 7, poetry readings, political activism, pretty flowers, running, sfmoma, shopping at trader joes, the bay area, the city, the de young museum, the holiday season, the symphony, urbanity, writing