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//raw, yesterday: 1

well, for a formal entry recapping a day, what happened today was not very lovely and I did not adore it, so I should write about yesterday I suppose... I hopped on bart and went to san fran where I was super hungry so I got off at 16th st. to get a burrito at zapata, pancho villa is good and everything, I just like zapata because it is further in the heart of hardcore valencia, well anyway, I got a burrito with spicy chicken and black beans ordered fully in spanish... well, almost fully. I walked around aimlessly for a while which was all good, walked to the church st. metro station and then I took the train downtown, went to virgin and listened to triplets of belleville cd... damn that movie was GOOD! so I took went to see the new mac store, from the outside at least... I then took a cable car [powell-mason] to chestnut and went to the sf art institute to see the diego rivera mural... that is so beautiful, it makes me want to smile.

later, I walked down to washington square where I sat in the cold and watched couples walk by me while sitting in the midst of the cathedral, I took out my journal and tried to write a poem, but the cold was getting to me so I just wrote down what I observed:

lighted trees
old, bustling italian resturants
cafes, cafes, cafes
chinese families passing me by
illuminated cathedral
muni busses
street lights with circular balls
narrow streets
bohemian-like flair
in a park where my ancestors [beats] wrote their world
I write mine

I was freezing, I couldn't move my hands that much, me and my short sleeves, oh well... so I caught a cable car back and went back to powell, I took the metro to the west portal station, I wanted to see if I could see this abondoned station between castro and forest hill that I read on the internet, it was called eureka valley and supposively some remains are left of the station in the twin peaks tunnel, I thought I saw it a few times, but maybe it was in my mind... I went back inbound and got off at the castro, I went to starbucks on 18th and got some orange tea and worked on my senior project but I mostly people watched the entire time and I was being friendly... the guy sitting next to me kissed two guys, I think one was his boyfriend and the other was a friend, but he pinched the other guy's ass... he had a british accent, he was old... he left later and I was still there and some guy asked me if I was interested in modeling or something and was telling me about this audition day, I wasn't really intrigued but I was flattered as fuck... I felt so sexy after it was insane, then people were smiling at me and some lady previously asked me about local gay bars, she was a tourist and she reminded me of rosie o'donnell, I liked her. I saw a dog, a cute dog and s/he was carrying chinese food in his mouth, I pet the dog, s/he was adorable, so I took the metro to the church st. station and saw this girl in a skirt and she was dressed so wonderfully, I feel jealous sometimes because I really like skirts and I wish I had the courage to wear one, I think they are so nice. I went to blockbuster on church to return my vidoes.

I was walking around and went down 16 st. and saw this big crowd in front of this used bookstore, I asked some lady in front what was going on and she told me it was like local art, I went inside and the place was packed, there were singers and they were pretty good, they had flowers in their hair, I loved it... I stood there and watched and I was walking out when they were done and saw they were giving out drinks, I was going to get some mineral water, but a lady gave me white wine and a man said I had white wine written all over my face, I drank it and got really sleepy, my first buzz...

I walked back to the 16th st. bart station
I hate that part//
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