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today// 2

went to SF again, bart was acting kinda funky and when I got on a dublin train was on the outbound platform going towards richmond and SF and it was leaving, I was like... okay, and I remembered that bart wasn't having direct trains from fremont or dublin to SF because they were fixing a station or something, so I took the richmond train to the 12th st. oakland station and transfered to the SF train and WHOO, finally I arrived in SF, I was really undecided about which station to get off but I saw this really cute boy and I noticed he was sorta looking at me and I was looking at him, in short, nothing happened but he got off at civic center so I decided I would too because I could catch a haight bus and go to haight-ashbury, I did, but I was tempted to get off and I did at fillmore, it was kind of embarrassing because the bus was packed packed and I had to squeeze to the back door and the back door wasn't opening and some guy told me to yell to the driver half way across a crowded bus and I was like... my voice is dead, I felt so meek and shy to yell in a full bus, that was so odd that I felt like that since I am usually so outspoken, it really made me think.

some sweet lady yelled for me to the driver and the back doors opened, I felt so awkward when I stepped off and I walked to duboce st. where I then walked to the church st. metro station, it was amazing to see some cute artsy girl taking photos of the station, I waited and waited and got on a packed train, I had to squeeze on, I got off one stop after at the castro st. station, I went back to the starbucks on 18th and got some orange tea and added a lot of sugar, I found a gay newspaper and read it, it was talking mainly about the gay weddings but they had some sexy personal ads, they made me kinda horny. I like smiling at people in starbucks, I did that a lot.

I took the 33 to haight ashubry from the castro and saw a studio for rent, how I'd love to live in that area. I got to the haight and was looking for an african resturant to eat at but I saw it and it was kinda seated for people who weren't alone, I felt awkward and instead went to get a crepe, spinach and feta... MMM... it was delicious, however, it didn't fill me up. I went to this organic grocer and got some trail mix... it had tamari almonds in it... I really like the taste, I decided to go to golden gate park and go find some secluded area and be alone with my thoughts, but I saw a drumming circle and all these homeless people juggling and trying to stay warm and stuff so I decided to sit on a hill near it and watch, I was still relatively alone, this dog kept coming near me, it looked like s/he wanted my attention.

I watched the people trying to stay warm, I felt bad for them, I ate my trail mix and stayed pondering and observing and eating all at once, dusk was over and night hit, I decided maybe I should go... I got up and caught the 5 fulton at perfect timing [I love that bus ] I observed people and some lady came on near usf, she smelled like ham, but she seemed very sweet, I saw this little old asian lady whose feet couldn't reach the ground, I wanted to give her a hug, she smelled like a grandmother though, that funky perfume... she was cute. fulton and mcallister streets are so lovely. the bus terminated and I had to walk through part of the tenderloin... ahem, it wasn't particuarly lovely, I got to hardcore downtown and went to starbucks, I saw the new apple store, I got some tea again, I knew exactly what I wanted

venti passion please, one tea bag
I took out a dollar fiveteen promplty and added my sugar
so I went to the powell st. station making sure my tea didn't spill, I saw some guy who I saw previously, I think he looked at me, I got way underground and a bunch of people had ipods, I had mine on, it was like a little community.
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